Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodbye September Menu!

Hope you all have had a fabulous Thursday!!  I had the pleasure of going to Canton with a friend, saw girls I went to high school with and got offered a job!  It was a good day!

I am looking forward to trying the Crock Pot Ravioli Casserole.  I am going to use fire roasted tomatoes in place of the stewed because I love the flavor, and I use dried minced onion because I hate cutting up onions.  The Baked Parmesan Tilapia is a repeat but it was really good and will be my "go to" baked fish recipe.   The Turkey Lettuce Wraps will be very low calorie or WW friendly and I look forward to trying them.  I am seasoning my meat with packaged taco seasoning and using pre made Pico and Guacamole to make it a quick meal!  I realize you may not have All of Us soups but you can order them online or stock up at Canton next time you are there.  I keep thinking if I make some yummy fall soups it will get cooler.  So far it's not working but, I refuse to give up!
No dessert this week, I am trying to cut back...  lol

Have a great week of family dinner time!


Miz Helen said...

Your menu for next week looks great. I am actually going to Canton tomorrow, it is such a fun place. Thanks for sharing and have a great week end!
Miz Helen

Mills' Menus said...

Have fun at Canton, it was crazy crowded!