Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Menu!

Well, the year is almost over.  Me and my love muffin are spending the evening babysitting some of our grands, I guess our days of parting are over but, I wouldn't change a thing! 

Not much to buy this week in the way of groceries, I have stuff I didn't make from the December 12th Menu and I have been making freezer meals for the 2 of us over the last few weeks that we are eating this week.

I look forward to trying some new things this year from Skinnytaste.  I want to lose about 30 lbs by my Anniversary in June so I need to get on that!

The recipes links for the Chicken Pesto and Jambalaya are on the post for the December 8th post.  Enjoy the weekend with your family and start the New Year off right by being in your church tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Break Menu!

I love this time of the year and it goes by way to quickly!  So, the next 2 weeks there ain't gonna be much meal planning.  It's gonna be a fly by the seat of our pants, eat out, eat leftovers, run to the movies, shop, visit friends, sit at home watching Christmas movies until the first of the year!  lol   I have a pantry & freezer full of food that we will be enjoying so we can focus on spending time with our friends and family instead of cooking.  Below is my grocery list and a few things you might want to make for your family, along with a couple of recipes I am making for my family on Christmas!  Since Christmas Day is on a Sunday, we are having sandwiches for lunch since we will all be meeting up at the Mills for lunch.  We didn't want Memaw to be home cooking all day so we have talked her into a no fuss day filled with celebrating the birth of our Savior, then some fun and fellowship with our families!  I will be posting a new Menu for January 2nd, and let me warn you now its, gonna be pretty low calorie stuff.  I leave for a cruise on February 5th!  : )
I hope there is something you can enjoy with your family and have a blessed CHRISTmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What the Mills are eating next week!

Well, my month off is over, I am back to being just a domestic goddess!

Even though I have been cooking during the last month, it was mainly some family favorites and a lot of meats and veggies.  My goal was to lose 5 lbs while I worked and I lost 7!   I am looking forward to trying some new things next week along with a yummy pork roast & some jalapeno hot dogs.

The first is Baked Pesto Chicken that I found on Pinterest, it looks easy and low calorie!  Next is Slow Cooker Jambalaya that I also found on Pinterest, shocker I know....  Check your pantry, you may not need to buy all the spices the recipe calls for and if you don't like smoked sausage just double the chicken.  I also buy the already chopped onion and green peppers to cut down on the time.  Lastly I am trying the Nutty Oat Pancakes from The Southern Lady Cooks blog.  I love pancakes (any kind really) but especially pancakes with "stuff" in them!  Check out her site, she has some great recipes!

Enjoy your family this week and spend some time around the table making some CHRISTmas memories!!